Science behind Nutraceuticals

Target Groups for Membership

Benefits for members of the ENA

The ENA offers various benefits for members:

  • Free access to the journal Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism
  • Continuing education and annual Events to reduced attendance fees
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Interdisciplinary communication and interaction
  • Annotation of study results
  • Recommendations for medical doctors and health care professionals
  • Information and guidance for clinical studies
  • Assistance in regulatory questions

The membership of the ENA is open to experts who work in the field nutrition, in prevention and treatment, both in theory and in practice. Our membership includes:

  • Doctors
  • Nutritionists and diet assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Natural scientists
  • Sports scientists

Professionals that work in a broader sense with nutrition can also apply for a membership.

Sign up here for a membership. The annual fee is 100€

Here you can find our flyer with further information to the membership

Benefits for corporate membership

For companies the ENA offers individual and common benefits leading from the mutual engagement in the following areas:

  • Processing and consolidating the scientific background of nutraceuticals
  • Identifying the quality and evaluating nutraceutical products
  • Improving the image and acceptance of nutraceutical products towards medical doctors and patients
  • Practice recommendations for medical doctors, people and health care professionals.
  • Improving the presence in the media
  • Promoting research by bringing together scientists and industry working in the field of nutraceuticals.
  • Providing advice and guidance on the EC nutrition and health claims regulation.
  • Dedication to improve the regulatory framework
  • Promoting clinical studies through advice network of researchers and research institutions, as well as guidance in regulatory topics.
  • Promoting continuing education by organizing annual meetings, workshops, symposia and in-house workshops.

For further details don't hesitate to contact us directly.

In our flyer you can find further information to the corporate membership.