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Congress-Website Annual Meeting 2012

8th Annual Meeting of the European Nutraceutical Association, Saturday 3 November 2012, Munich, Germany

General Information
We cordially invite you to join our Annual Meeting 2012.
This year’s annual meeting will focus on two aspects. On the one hand we will provide the latest information on hot topics of Nutraceutical research with the title “Hot Topics in Nutraceuticals”.
On the other hand we will present a collection of lectures under the umbrella theme “Nutraceuticals and Brain Health”.
Again our annual meeting will include a poster session with a wide range of contributions on nutraceutical research. The best 5 contributions will be presented as a short oral presentation. 

Organizing Committee
Philip C Calder, Southampton, UK
Manfred Lamprecht, Graz, Austria
Peter Prock, Basel, Switzerland
Gerald Tulzer, Linz, Austria

Conference Venue
Klinikum rechts der Isar (Medical School of the Technical University Munich)
Hörsaaltrakt (Lecture Hall A)
Entrance Einsteinstrasse (site plan)
D-81675 Munich, Germany

European Nutraceutical Association (ENA)
Centralbahnstrasse 7, P.O. Box 253
CH-4010 Basel, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (61) 302 0490 
Fax: +41 (61) 302 0491 

For details please follow this link … 

Event Language
The language of the event is English only (no translation will be provided).

Accreditation (credits for continuing education)
This event is accredited for continuing education for:

  • medical doctors  (European Union of Medical Specialists): 5 European CME credits (equals 8 credits in most national medical chambers)
  • pharmacists (chamber of pharmacists of Bayern): 8 credits
  • nutritionists (certified by the DGE [German Nutrition Society], VDD [German Association of Dieticians], VDOE [Association of Ecotrophologists], Diaetologen [Austrian Association of Dieticians].
    SVDE [Swiss Association of Dieticians]): outstanding